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Each IPACO license is associated with a physical PC, identified by its HostName and its HostID, through an activation key computed by the provider.

The possible free later transfer of a license to another PC (for instance in case of theft or replacement of the initial PC) may be obtained gratis, upon provision of proof that the original PC is no longer in use.

Each purchase of IPACO license(s) gives the right to:

  1. A quick training session on the software (3 hours) :

  1. A one-year maintenance+evolution service, as from the date of delivery of activation key(s), within the framework of the guarantee.

The Maintenance service commits the provider to reply to any anomaly report (i.e. behaviour of the software not in accordance with the IPACO Users’ Guide), transmitted through electronic mail, within a maximum of 3 working days, and to dedicate his best efforts to correct the anomaly and to propose, as far as possible, an immediate solution to bypass the encountered problem, pending the next release of IPACO.

The Evolution service gives access to all new versions of the software released by the provider during the covered period, with a guarantee of forward compatibility.

An initial Training is highly recommended to take a quick control over the software tool. Training sessions are proposed, with delivery of appropriate data sets, on the basis of 6 hours per day, for groups of 1 to 8 trainees. An initial session of 1 to 3 days is sufficient in most cases.

Since version 6.00, every IPACO license comprises a CamCAT licence (technical database).

Price of one IPACO license: 4.100 €   (outside France)

Simultaneous purchase of several IPACO licences :


Price of the 1st license : 4.100 €                                                     4.100 €

Price of the 2nd license : 2.900 €                                                    7.000 €

Price of the 3rd license : 1.700 €                                                     8.700 €

Price of the 4th license :    560 €                                                     9.260 €

Price from 5 licenses upwards:           130 € per license

Price of one IPACO maintenance + evolution service: 810 €/year    

Service support for maintenance and evolution covering several licenses installed on the same site geographically:


Price of the 1st license : 810 €/year                                              810 €/year                                        

Price of the 2nd license : 570 €/year                                           1.380 €/year

Price of the 3rd license : 340 €/year                                           1.720 €/year        

Price of the 4th license : 110 €/year                                           1.830 €/year          

Price from 5 licenses upwards:             30 €/year per licence

Price for updating license(s)

If a licence has stopped the maintenance/evolution service at a date T1 and is about to resume this service at a date T2, a preliminary update is requested for the period T1-T2:


Price of updating = 50 % of the price for maintenance/evolution (example for one IPACO license: 405 €/year)

Price of a training session: 350 €/day for 1 trainee    

+ 60 €/day for each additional trainee (maximum: 8 trainees)

+ actual travelling expenses (if the session does not take place on the provider’s premises)

1 day = 2 sessions of 3 hours

Each trainee must be equipped with an appropriate PC for IPACO.

IPACO licenses: price list 2023