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News  (December 2017)


The new version 4.63 of IPACO is now available online. It contains two major new features:

  1. A new « Planisphere » function enables a dynamic computer-aided use of the reference planetarium software « Stellarium », for the analysis of a photo in which a celestial body (star, planet, artificial satellite) or more may appear.  

If the photo under analysis has available, in its Technical data, the field of view, the date and local time of the shot, the camera’s coordinates (longitude, latitude, altitude) and possibly its line of sight (azimuth, elevation), IPACO automatically superimposes, in the relevant geometry, the Stellarium image over the photo, while giving access to an interactive fading tool between the two.

In all cases, depending on Technical data initially available or not, IPACO allows getting the most of Stellarium for the analysis of the photo.

Example :










  1. The Spanish version of IPACO is now complete (all dialogs and the dynamic user’s manual are available).  



Together with IPACO version 4.61, the new version 1.10 of the CamCAT catalog is available.

With this version, CamCAT provides data from 197 models of cameras and from 42 models of video recorders, from 104 different brands. This catalog goes on continually growing with new data.

CamCAT now also contains a catalog of photo lenses.