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News  (May 2018)


The latest on-line available version of the IPACO software is version 4.81, which provides many small enhancements, in particular for an optimized management of Technical data during Import and Authentication operations..

The latest available version of the CamCAT catalog is version 1.16,, which allows processing more than 75% of the digital pictures included in the reference file FLICKR (around 16 billion photos).


Analysis reports

An updating operation for the analysis reports presented in the Sample galleries has been undertaken. In fact, some reports had been written before the IPACO software (or some of its functions) was available. Without modifying the results nor the conclusions, the new writings show how those same analyses may be performed using IPACO and CamCAT.

As a first step, three analysis reports have been updated in IFOCAT:

Case of New York (USA), 17th September 2011

Case of Glen Rose (USA), 20th May 2012

Case of Heathrow (UK), 14th July 2011