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about FL

François Louange was born in Versailles in 1945. After studies in the Lycée Hoche, he joins ENSERG in Grenoble, where he qualifies as a Doctor-Engineer in signal processing, in 1968.

He joins the European Space Agency, first in Darmstadt (Germany), where he works on satellite data processing, then in 1977 in Madrid (Spain), as Computer Manager in the frame of the NASA/ESA astronomical space project IUE, collecting and processing images of ultraviolet spectra.

He leaves ESA in 1980 and sets up in Paris as an independant consultant for French Defense, for the reconnaissance satellites programme Samro/Helios. In the Technical Central Weapons Establishment (ETCA) in Arcueil, he sets up the CEPIA (Experimental Photo-Interpretation Center of the Armies) where he develops with the DGA (General Direction of Weapons) the new CAPI technique (Computer-Aided Photo-Interpretation), materialized through the OCAPI operational software, and founds in 1988 the FLEXIMAGE company, specialized in the analysis of space imagery. Later on, he will sell this company to the EADS Group, which will finally integrate it into Cassidian, at the end of 2006, before being renamed Airbus Defence & Space in 2014.

Since 2007, he has returned to the status of independant consultant, and collaborates in particular with CNES/GEIPAN on the analysis of alleged UFO photos/videos. He develops the IPACO software for authentication and analysis of photo/video documents of alleged UFOs.

François Louange is a member of the Sigma2 Commission of 3AF, the French aeronautic scientific Society. This Commission is specialized in the scientific analysis of technical data collected about unidentified aerospace phenomena.



As concerns the « UFO phenomenon », François Louange gets seriously interested in 1975, and tries – without success – to create an official department within ESA. As soon as he returns to France in 1980, he collaborates as a consultant on photo analysis, as well as on detection projects, with GEPAN, SEPRA and GEIPAN.

François Louange has contractually produced around twenty technical reports for CNES (opposite).

In 1997, he took part, within the scientific panel, in the Pocantico workshop about « Physical evidence related to UFO reports ».

In 2000-2001, he was missioned by the Director of CNES to conduct an audit of the SEPRA. This work resulted in the creation of the new GEIPAN, in 2005.

Currently, he continues to develop the IPACO specialized software and the website.

Finally, François Louange took part in various TV programmes on the theme of UFOs, in Spain and in France.

Work carried out for CNES

For GEPAN (independant consultant)

     (Report edited as Note technique n°18)

     (Report in 5 volumes : 1, 2, 3, 4, 5)

     (Internship report)

     (Technical report)


[EUROCIEL will be abandoned, but partly reactivated with success in the form of the SPOC project (optical detection of satellites) with French Defense]

    (Technical report)


[Pressure did exist to suppress this activity. François Louange will deliver at the end of 2001 his Audit Report to the General Director of CNES, concluding that not only SEPRA’s activities should be continued, but that it should be granted more reasonable means for investigation, data archiving and above all communication with the general public through Internet]

For GEIPAN (independant consultant)


Conference for CAIPAN 2 (in French):

Conference for the Repas Ufologiques Parisiens (in French):

Article in Connexion France (May 2017)