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about AC

Antoine Cousyn, born in Paris in 1970, is better known in the Internet world - French and English-speaking - under the pseudonym of elevenaugust.

After a scientific course in high school, he gave up studying in 1988 in order to enter the world of labor. Nevertheless, he went on with self-education in scientific domains such as meteorology, astronomy and physics.

During the same period, he discovered the books from Jacques Vallée and J. Allen Hynek, as well as specialized journals: « Lumières Dans La Nuit », « Phénomènes Spatiaux » (stopped in 1977) and « Flying Saucer Review ». Puzzled by the investigation reports published by ufologists of the time, he decided to become himself an investigator for LDLN.

After a break in 1999, Antoine Cousyn became interested again in the UFO phenomenon, with the case of the Californian drones in 2007. The numerous pictures available with this case, little known in France, led him to look closer into the problem of photo and video analysis related to UFOs. He tried and tested the existing established techniques on many cases he found on the Internet, year after year until now.

Today, Antoine Cousyn has to his credit around a hundred analyses of photo and video documents of UFOs, carried out at the request of individuals or of groups such as MUFON.

Some of those analyses resulted in complete reports as well as in presentations and discussions in specialized forums (opposite).

In addition, being convinced that most cases may be explained in a rational way, he has accumulated during the years an important collection of photographic and video documents, replete with examples of concrete cases which illustrate various misunderstandings (on this matter, see the section « Sample galleries / IFO gallery »).

He also took part in the resolution of numerous hoax cases, such as the « Méduse du col de Vence » in May 2009.

Antoine Cousyn is particularly specialized in the authentication of photo/video documents, notably through the analysis of associated metadata.

At a broader level, Antoine Cousyn has been providing CNES/GEIPAN since 2013 with contractual service for the analysis of alleged UAP cases.

At last, since 2014, Antoine Cousyn has been developing a database (CamCAT) of technical data of cameras ans lenses, fully integrated into IPACO.

Analyzed photo/video files

For the radio station « Ici et maintenant »

For the forum « OVNI-Ufologie »

For the forum « Ufocasebook »

For the forum « Above Top Secret »

For former journalist Angelia Joiner