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about GQ

Born in 1949, Geoffrey Quick entered  the Royal Air Force in 1968 as an RAF College Cranwell Cadet, subsequently obtaining a BSc. (Hons) in Human Biology  at the University of London  before completing  Imagery Interpretation Officer Training and initial Multi-Sensor Imagery Interpretation courses in 1974. After some years working in a variety of front-line operational posts in the U.K. and overseas, he completed a year’s postgraduate study at City University London in Visual Perception, before becoming a project officer in U.K. Reconnaissance Systems Development. During this time he was involved in the analysis of a series of unusual events on imagery, including advising on aircraft accident inquiries. Following a request from UK Industry he left full-time RAF Service in 1982, subsequently spending 5 years managing the development and marketing of a wide variety of reconnaissance and surveillance associated systems worldwide.  Individually he also worked on Forensic Imagery analysis cases as an expert witness in a number of ground-breaking national and international cases.

He returned to full-time R.A.F. Service in the late 80’s, formally qualifying in Systems Analysis before taking up a development post in Imaging Computer Systems implementation within JARIC UK. He subsequently served in the Joint School of Photographic Interpretation as a qualified instructor and course designer, specializing in the design, development and delivery of Digital Imagery Exploitation and Tactical Reconnaissance and Surveillance Operations Courses.

In 1993 he was selected to represent the U.K. in the creation of the nascent EU Satellite Imagery Interpretation Centre near Madrid as one of the first Operations and Training managers. He was subsequently appointed as the Head of that Centre’s Imagery Exploitation and Training Division, taking it through to full operationality in 1998.

He moved to South Africa in early 1999 as an independant imagery analysis and training consultant, where he supported a number of organizations in that country, including the SAPS, SANDF and the Office of the President, as well as providing expert witness evidence forensically.

Geoff Quick worked with a number of organizations regarding many aspects of Imagery Interpretation, joint training and product development programmes, both nationally and internationally. He developed and ran a variety of training courses in operational imagery analysis to customers in Europe, South America, the Middle East and Asia.

He is now enjoying retirement in Tanzania.