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If you consider acquiring IPACO license(s), we offer the following procedure, while asking you to please excuse its relative heaviness, which stems from legal commitments towards our partners Airbus/DS and CNES/GEIPAN.

  1. Send us a request form, leaving all your details
  2. We will send you, through e-mail, a link to access the standard downloading procedure

           CAREFUL: this message may be considered as SPAM

  1. Download IPACO’s installer file (which may also be presented as “dangerous”)
  2. Install IPACO according to the procedure which you will receive
  3. Start execution: IPACO will indicate the HOSTNAME and the HOSTID of your PC, while requesting a license key  
  4. Send us a HOSTNAME/HOSTID declaration (mind the case of characters)
  5. We shall send you back through e-mail a temporary license key valid for one week
  6. Start execution, introduce that key (copy/paste), restart IPACO and…

…have a good try!

  1. Send us an order form, pointing out the number of licenses and the HOSTNAME(s) and HOSTID(s) of the host PC(s)
  2. Make a payment through bank transfer (for any other type of payment, contact us through e-mail)
  3. We shall send you back a final license key.

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Latest versions: IPACO 6.22, CamCAT 3.06 and SignCAT 0.05