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Expert analysis service

We offer an expert analysis service for photo/video files, to be carried out by an experienced analyst having a wide choice of appropriate software tools at his disposal. This work will concern the authentication of the document and/or the analysis of its content.

The authentication will enable attesting, with appropriate tools, that the document shows no trace of modification, touching up or faking of any sort, and that it really is (or not) an « original » document directly produced by the camera.

The analysis will be conducted quite objectively and without any preconceived ideas, its conclusion consisting either of an explanation (probable or certain) duly proven, or of a statement of non-identification with, in that case, a synthesis of the characteristic elements of the recorded phenomenon, qualitative and quantitative, that may have been recorded.

As concerns analysis of a document’s content, it is possible, with experience, to process many files following relatively standard procedures, whereas a few others sometimes justify far more extensive (and consequently more expensive) investigations. That is why we propose two service levels:

Each Analysis report is delivered in the form of a PDF file, such as those presented in our sample galleries.

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