Analysis of photos / videos

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If you wish to submit an unexplained photo or video to an expert, we suggest a standard fixed-price analysis report. We cannot of course guarantee you a final explanation, but we are committed to provide an expert’s best efforts (between 2 and 3 hours), using all available specialized hardware and software tools.

If in the end we think, as sometimes happens, that a deeper specific complementary investigation could usefully be undertaken, we will prepare a special detailed proposal for you.

The procedure is as follows:

  1. Send us a request form, enclosing all your details
  2. We shall then contact you through e-mail to organize transmission of the document(s) to be analyzed
  3. Make your payment through Paypal (for any other type of payment, contact us through e-mail)
  4. Within a maximum of 2 weeks, we will send you the standard report by e-mail…

… and see you in the ANALYSIS Forum!

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